Welcome to my website! I’m glad you’re here. Feel free to browse through the gallery for samples of my work and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tet Kelly

graphic design and marketing solutions for small businesses and community groups

what i do

My passion permeates through words, art, pictures and technology. I just love how easy it is to weave stories through them. I have a combined experience of over 7 years in graphic design and marketing consultancy working with various clients all over the world.

how i work

In essence, it’s all about collaboration and communication. Whether it’s in person or online, the brief has to be met and it is my job to ensure customer satisfaction. My process centers around communication, research, and most importantly…coffee! I value great photos and love using my own photos to uplift the project when I can.

where i live

Just a short drive from my house, I can throw stones into the ocean. I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia with my two boys and husband, but a big piece of my heart also resides in the Philippines with my extended family and friends.

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